Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global.html The ROSEN Group is a globally leading provider of cutting-edge solutions in all areas of the integrity process chain. Explore our many facets. Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Giving-Back-across-the-ROSEN-World.html All across the ROSEN world, our employees are constantly committed to our company’s goal of supporting society and the environment. This includes donations as well as athletic efforts that serve a good cause. The social contributions made by the worldwide locations of the ROSEN group are very important to us. We believe that corporate social responsibility is another creative opportunity to strengthen our company while, at the same time, supporting society. Let’s take a look at the various contributions made by the different ROSEN teams from our locations all around the world. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Giving-Back-across-the-ROSEN-World.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Identifying-Internal-Corrosion-From-the-Outside.html Managing the threat of corrosion in pipelines is a critical task for the entire integrity management of pipeline assets. In order to manage this threat, it is vital to gather high-resolution data on pipelines in order to be able to make the best decisions for safe and efficient operation – as was the case for the above ground loading lines in Argentina. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Identifying-Internal-Corrosion-From-the-Outside.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/A-Digital-Life.html Looking for a relaxed movie night with friends? No problem: we get our cell phone out, send an instant message or make a quick call on the go, and the date is set. Of course, we have already ordered and paid for the movie tickets online and stored them in our smartphone wallet. Using a carpool app, we make our way to the movie theater, taking the route our navigation system suggests. While waiting for our friends to arrive, we check the latest news or have the intelligent assistant in our phone search, filter or sort through a certain request. At the same time, we send a picture tagged with our exact location out into the vast digital world. After the movie, we are hungry. While still sitting in the comfortable seats in the movie theater, we search for a nearby restaurant, book a table and peruse the latest reviews. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/A-Digital-Life.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Cognitive-Biases-Part-2.html Cognitive bias is a term that refers to the systematic ways in which a person’s decision-making is influenced based on the context of the information received and their own perception. In this article, Michael Smith, of the ROSEN Group, introduces the next installment of our cognitive biases series. This time, he focuses on confirmation bias: can you put your beliefs aside and be unbiased? http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Cognitive-Biases-Part-2.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Laser-like-3D-Metal-Loss-Profile-from-MFL-Data.html At this year’s Pipeline Pigging & Integrity Management Conference in Houston, Texas, the ROSEN Group will introduce a disruptive technological innovation, breaking the current boundaries of MFL technology. This technology enables a true understanding of what is in the ground by providing laser-like 3D metal loss profiles derived from MFL data, with clear benefits for operators: visualization of the true metal loss shape, robust information for maintenance optimization, and integrity confirmation. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Laser-like-3D-Metal-Loss-Profile-from-MFL-Data.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Ask-the-Experts--A-Briefing-on-the-MEGA-Rule.html The MEGA Rule in the U.S. is approaching its effective date in July 2020. The Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) has worked for a number of years to construct the MEGA Rule for natural gas transmission and gathering pipelines. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Ask-the-Experts--A-Briefing-on-the-MEGA-Rule.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Why_We-Need-Field-Verifications.html As technology advances, the sensitivity, accuracy and reliability of pipeline inspection systems improves, and ever more features are reported. This information is very useful for integrity management, but for some types of features, there remain significant challenges in classification and sizing, and for some operators, response criteria, based on previous generations of technology, can be very conservative. This leads to the question: Are we digging up our pipelines for “fun,” like a dog digging holes on the beach, or is there real value in each and every excavation? http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Why_We-Need-Field-Verifications.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Paving-the-Way-to-Best-informed-Decisions.html At the PPIM 2020 in Houston, Texas, we showcased a series of pipeline integrity solutions that enable operators to gain the knowledge needed to make the best-informed decisions. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Paving-the-Way-to-Best-informed-Decisions.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Growth-and-Opportunity-in-Mexico.html The effects of Mexico’s energy reform are in full swing, and the growth of the fuel import market in the country is undeniable. This opportunity opens the door for investment in the development and growth of the storage and distribution industry in the energy sector, and this opportunity brings the need for regulations. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Growth-and-Opportunity-in-Mexico.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Improving-Integrity-Management-Processes.html The customer’s Integrity Management Plan (IMP) required significant manual calculations to determine corrosion anomaly response times based on ILI results. Furthermore, before any of these calculations could be performed, the ILI pipe tally and the GIS centerline had to be aligned. Resource constraining and time consuming, this process was very inefficient and had led to a significant backlog of processed ILI results. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Improving-Integrity-Management-Processes.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Message-from-the-ROSEN-Group.html The ROSEN Group, along with many other companies worldwide, is faced with the rapid global spread of coronavirus infections. We take the situation seriously and therefore initiated extensive preventive safety measures globally, regionally and locally to minimize risks and impacts. The ROSEN Group's operational, manufacturing and research & development facilities, however, continue to operate at realistic capacity and performance as the situation allows. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Message-from-the-ROSEN-Group.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/When-the-Sum-Is-Greater-than-the-Parts.html The integrity management of challenging pipelines is a problem for all operators. Even with the extensive technology toolbox now available, there may not be an economic internal inspection solution for some pipelines or segments. For these cases, the industry generally applies a process known as Direct Assessment (DA). To support operators, whatever their need, the ROSEN Group provides DA services that are unique because of the combinations of technology we deploy, and the fundamental understanding we have of threats and degradation rates learned from dealing with internal inspection of many thousands of pipelines around the world. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/When-the-Sum-Is-Greater-than-the-Parts.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Webinar-Series-Integrity-Insights.html Our world is rapidly changing. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we find ourselves in unfamiliar territory facing new challenges each day. As each one of us is faced with the necessity of adapting to this new situation, we believe that now, more than ever, the exchange of knowledge is critical. That is why we invite you to join our free webinar series, Integrity Insights. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Webinar-Series-Integrity-Insights.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Most-Frequently-Asked-Questions-at-Rio-Pipeline.html At the Rio Pipeline Conference last September, we had a chance to talk to over 100 industry professionals, which gave us every opportunity to exchange thoughts and ideas about the most critical matters for onshore, offshore and mining assets as well as integrity management as a whole. We gathered the most common questions on these topics and let our experts dive into them to clarify. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Most-Frequently-Asked-Questions-at-Rio-Pipeline.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/No-Pressure-Too-Low-No-Challenge-Too-Great.html Yes, pipelines come in all shapes and sizes, but they can also display a variety of operating conditions. One not so popular operating condition is low pressure. This means a gas pipeline operates at pressures lower than “normal” and often does not allow for standard in-line inspection. Hence, a solution must be found. There are a few golden rules when addressing challenging pipelines, including: 1. What goes in must come out, and 2. The ILI must be worth it. With worth it, we mean not only from a high-quality data collection standpoint, which of course is arguably the sole purpose of an inspection, but also at a cost that makes sense. Creating a solution for a low-pressure gas pipelines must take into consideration many factors. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/No-Pressure-Too-Low-No-Challenge-Too-Great.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Testing-for-Integrity-Management.html Managing the integrity of a pipeline is a challenging task, particularly when your pipeline is susceptible to cracking. For Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC), the materials, stress state and environment all synergize to contribute to the development and growth of cracks. With fatigue cracking, factors such as manufacturing flaws, stress cycles and environment can all also have a major impact. Managing that threat and demonstrating fitness for service represent significant challenges. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Testing-for-Integrity-Management.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Cognitive-Biases-Part-3.html In this third part of our Cognitive Bias series, Michael Smith introduces the illusion of causality bias and how it relates to Aaron Ramsey and celebrity deaths as well as to pipeline integrity management. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Cognitive-Biases-Part-3.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Pursuit-of-Zero-Incidents.html While it is the goal to obtain holistic information on pipeline material properties to reduce uncertainty and thus risk, many operators are forced to deal with various unknowns when it comes to Integrity Management (IM) decisions. Increasing expectations for improvements in addressing issues related to pipeline data and documentation that weigh on operators are resulting in the emergence of new regulations. The new regulation issued by PHMSA (Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration) to extend IM requirements. The new regulations will result in a significant expansion of the safety requirements that apply to natural gas pipelines in the U.S. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Pursuit-of-Zero-Incidents.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Starting-Off-on-the-Right-Foot.html New pipeline construction is a complex process in which many aspects have to be considered to ensure safe operation right from the start. An integral part of the process often is collecting baseline knowledge of the pipeline condition. Knowing the baseline condition provides reliable knowledge and allows improved integrity assessments in the future. Pre-commissioning processes of a pipeline are elaborate; in many instances, one element includes in-line inspection. During the manufacturing process, oils, greases, rolling imperfections and mill scale can contaminate the wall of the pipe. Oftentimes when constructing a new pipeline, internal coating is applied. In this case, it is vital to ensure correct coating thickness and proper bonding. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Starting-Off-on-the-Right-Foot.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Timing-Is-Key.html In order to minimize the impact on operations, the timeframe for an inspection can sometimes be very limited. Combine that with limited space around the manifold due to platform maintenance and a potential influence on positioning due to underwater currents and you will find yourself in a situation that requires a new approach. In this case, the operator was looking for an in-line inspection to collect data on internal wall thickness of the pipeline and to get a visual inspection on the manifold condition. For this, KTN – a company of the ROSEN Group – carried out an internal ultrasound inspection using a pushrod system in combination with a Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle (ROV). This case study was previously published in the PPSA Newsletter. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Timing-Is-Key.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/ROSEN-Group-Unveils-New-Tank-Bottom-Inspection-Service.html The ROSEN Group introduces the new TBIT Ultra service for inspection of Aboveground Storage Tanks. The complex nature of corrosion has compelled ROSEN’s inspection and integrity specialists to consistently improve their knowledge, build experience, and advance technology in automatic corrosion detection and defect quantification. Early identification and repair of time-based threats, such as corrosion, means assets can remain in service safely, for longer. This benefits the industry in terms of safety, environment, and cost. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/ROSEN-Group-Unveils-New-Tank-Bottom-Inspection-Service.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/The-Optimal-Balance.html Finding the optimal balance between risk and inspection-activity costs can sometimes be tricky. Risk-based inspection (RBI) is a technique aimed at assessing the possible loss of containment due to material deterioration in pressurized equipment. It is a fundamental tool for the integrity management process focused on assets in facilities, as it makes it possible to manage threats through the inspection of installations. In this article, our experts Nadia Jerez, Senior Engineer, and Oscar Gómez, Engineer MSc, explain how their team developed an algorithm that performs quantitative risk calculations and recommends inspection frequency for a client in our South America region. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/The-Optimal-Balance.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/ROSEN-Group-Headed-for-Hydrogen.html With more than 30 years of experience in pipeline integrity management, the ROSEN Group is investing in a new challenge to support operators in the transition towards a low-carbon future. The company has been developing a holistic approach for managing the integrity of hydrogen pipelines. This approach can be applied to the conversion of existing natural gas pipeline grids to hydrogen, or used to new build networks. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/ROSEN-Group-Headed-for-Hydrogen.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Managing-the-Introduction-of-Hydrogen.html The climate emergency is one of the biggest challenges humanity must face in the 21st century. We all need to be involved in the process of moving towards a decarbonized economy. At the same time, the advancing global energy transition faces many challenges when it comes to ensuring a sustainable, reliable and affordable energy supply. For this reason, gas will continue to play an important role in the future energy system. An emphasis on decarbonizing the existing gas infrastructure will inevitably lead to greater penetration of greener fuels, such as hydrogen produced from renewable energy. While the replacement of natural gas with hydrogen and the introduction of hydrogen into modern natural gas transmission and distribution networks creates challenges, there is nothing new or inherently impossible about the concept of hydrogen pipelines. In this regard, the conversion of valuable existing gas grids to hydrogen is increasingly coming into focus for pipeline operators – and thus into the focus of the ROSEN Group. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Managing-the-Introduction-of-Hydrogen.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Quick-off-the-Mark.html In many industries, the storage of gases and liquids is an essential part of a company’s business. Storage facilities must withstand many adversities, such as mechanical and metallurgical damage, cracking, external and internal corrosion, and leaking valves and weld quality issues. All of these represent potential threats to an asset if they are not identified and mitigated at the right time. Additionally, storage facilities must adhere to codes and regulations – reason enough to identify rectifications to avoid any potential risks. In this case, we take a closer look at an inspection of a 19-year old storage tank that is part of a process plant in ROSEN’s Asia Pacific region. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Quick-off-the-Mark.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Out-of-Range.html In service, assets must work under high pressure and are exposed to cyclic loading throughout their operational life, which causes fatigue damage to components and defects. Understanding the amount of fatigue damage accrued over time is critical in identifying when remedial action should be taken. Different techniques can be used to calculate the impact of fatigue. In this article, our experts Rhett Dotson and Fernando Curiel discuss why it is important to fully understand the number and magnitude of the pressure cycles. In doing so, they explain how to address criticisms of using benchmark pressure cycles with industry-accepted methodologies. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Out-of-Range.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Managing-Pipeline-Threats-Part-1.html In our new series “Managing Pipeline Threats – The Way Forward,” we explore the approach necessary to achieve a holistic maintenance mindset when it comes to the integrity management of oil and gas assets. In this first installment, our experts Roland Palmer Jones and Michael Beller primarily focus on diagnostics, the discipline of identifying and collecting the data needed to define a given status. Different approaches to making the most of the collected data and translating it into useful information, such as big data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, will lead to a better use of data, a better understanding of defect histories and mechanisms, faster availability of information, and, ultimately, better management of pipelines in terms of safety, reliability and utilization. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Managing-Pipeline-Threats-Part-1.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Cognitive-Biases-Part-4.html What do cats that survive falling from high-rise buildings have to do with cognitive bias? Find out in this next part of our series, in which our author Michael Smith focuses specifically on survivorship bias and then links the phenomenon to pipelines and reaching zero incidents. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Cognitive-Biases-Part-4.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Shaping-Tomorrows-Innovation-Today.html Over the next five years, the ROSEN Group is sponsoring a professorship for “Semantic Information Systems” on the AI Campus of the University of Osnabrück, Germany. The computer scientist Prof. Dr. Martin Atzmüller was hired for the position and met the sponsor for the first time at the beginning of September. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Shaping-Tomorrows-Innovation-Today.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Remaining-Fatigue-Life-Estimate.html Just imagine the following: easily accessing all data sources and having them available to combine with other data streams from third parties or geographic information system (GIS) in order to estimate the lifetime of your assets and make strategic decisions based on all the collected data. This is exactly where the NIMA framework comes into play. In this article, we will explore how our colleagues have implemented this digital solution in the case of a mining company in our South America region. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Remaining-Fatigue-Life-Estimate.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Meeting-Online.html ROSEN is a long-time participant and sponsor of the International Pipeline Conference (IPC), held bi-annually in Calgary, Canada. Due to all that is 2020 and the significant global aspect of IPC, the conference transitioned to a completely virtual platform. The ROSEN Group was proud to once again contribute this year. The first virtual IPC brought together members of the pipeline industry from all around the world to discuss the latest developments and share knowledge. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Meeting-Online.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Coming-into-Effect.html Why do we need standards? They play a key role in keeping us safe. There are standards for almost everything – machines, cars, technical and medical equipment – and, of course, there are standards for pipelines. That is because safely transporting energy products through pipelines is the key to the success of the oil and gas industry. Therefore, international standards agencies, such as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), issue relevant standards that regulate the design, operation, maintenance and integrity management of pipelines. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Coming-into-Effect.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/ROSEN-Launches-Online-Pipeline-Cleaning-Shop-in-the-USA.html The ROSEN Group has officially launched its online store for pipeline cleaning pigs and equipment on the US market. In its initial phase, the ROSEN Pipeline Cleaning Shop will offer standard 4” to 12” cleaning pigs for batching, dewatering and general cleaning. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/ROSEN-Launches-Online-Pipeline-Cleaning-Shop-in-the-USA.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/On-the-Move.html There are many examples of geotechnical hazards that may affect buried pipelines: settlement, erosion, landslides, and seismic events, just to name a few. Those geohazards frequently cause loss of support or significant external loads, bending the pipeline and moving it from its original position. This article explains how strain and pipeline movement assessments help identify and mitigate threats posed by geohazards. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/On-the-Move.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Control-What-You-Can.html The operational performance of a pipeline strongly depends on its internal and external geometry. Consequently, reliable information on the position of features in a pipeline, the position of the pipeline and changes in position is of great importance to all pipeline operators. During its lifetime, the design shape of a pipeline may change through external interference, such as upheaval, landslides, anchor drop or machinery approaching the right of way. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Control-What-You-Can.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Looking-Into-the-Depth-of-Things.html Salt caverns are artificially created cavities in salt formations below the ground surface. Often, they are converted oil wells that are drilled until they reach the salt formation. Water is then injected to dissolve the rock salt, thereby creating a cave that may measure several hundred thousand cubic meters or more. Because of the favorable mechanical properties of the salt, those caves often serve as storage facilities for products such as compressed air, hydrogen, LPG, natural gas and crude oil. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2020/Looking-Into-the-Depth-of-Things.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Our-world-is-moving.html Landslides, seismic events, settlement, and erosion are some of the many examples of geotechnical hazards that can impact buried pipelines. Geohazards often result in significant external loads or loss of support, which bends the pipeline and shifts it from its original position. Significant external bending loads and the associated high strains can pose an integrity threat to the pipeline, as it may rupture or buckle. For this reason, the monitoring of external loads through strain assessments and pipeline movement assessments is crucial to the safe operation of a pipeline. Bending strain assessments identify areas where the pipeline is deformed beyond allowable code limits. Pipeline movement assessments can utilize repeat inertial measuring unit runs and geo-spatial data to identify areas of active bending movement, making it possible to calculate a rate of change in bending strain. This article presents a 2017 validation case in which these assessments provided an operator with the information needed to identify and mitigate potential geohazards. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Our-world-is-moving.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Creating-sustainability.html We consider it very important to contribute to sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits to our local communities. We believe that this responsibility is another creative opportunity to support society while strengthening the moral foundation of our business. In 2018, our local offices have shown a great effort to give back to their communities — be it by directly providing the necessary means, or by facilitating the different activities initiated by ROSEN employees. Let’s have a look at some of the various contributions made by the different ROSEN teams across the globe. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Creating-sustainability.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Multi-phase-Flowlines.html Very high day-time temperatures, sand wherever you are looking, and flow lines with a three-way ball valve access — this is what the ROSEN solution experts faced on a project in Saudi Arabia. The country in the Middle East has a pipeline system with a length exceeding 17 thousand kilometers. It is the world’s largest oil producer behind the US. Saudi Arabia is dominated by the Arabian Desert, which contains the largest contiguous sand desert in the world: the empty quarter. Near this region, ROSEN cleaned and inspected a multi-phase infield pipeline. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Multi-phase-Flowlines.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Try-not-to-drown-in-the-data-lake.html Data science is a very popular phrase these days. When it comes to solving large scale data-driven problems, most experts agree that turning to data science to solve the issue is the current best practice. So, what exactly is this science, and why is it so successful these days? Let’s have a closer look. Let’s also have a look at how this issue relates to the pipeline industry. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Try-not-to-drown-in-the-data-lake.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/With-great-resources-comes-great-responsibility.html Traditionally bare of natural resources and primary materials, Israel is a nation that has built its economy on downstream industries. Now, thanks to offshore discoveries of massive natural gas reserves, the Mediterranean country has been given the opportunity to change that. With this new freedom and resource the country must focus more on the maintenance and proper operation of infrastructure such as pipelines. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/With-great-resources-comes-great-responsibility.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Competency-standards-manual.html “Competence” is a combination of the ability to perform a task, to understand and explain that task, the type, years, supervision committed to obtaining that knowledge and the habits or practices related to the task. To put it simply, competence is made up of skill, knowledge, experience and behavior. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Competency-standards-manual.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Expanding-competencies-in-industrial-diagnostics.html Steel products must meet a number of requirements in order to withstand extremely high loads. In order to deliver the best quality, suitable inspection solutions for industrial products must be readily available. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Expanding-competencies-in-industrial-diagnostics.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/From-data-to-growth-rates-and-risk-assessment.html Up to this point, metal loss detections have been aimed at localized, small areas of corrosion to assess threats based on aging material and environmental influences. However, it is possible that product transported by any given pipeline can also cause a more general loss of wall thickness, also known as erosion-corrosion. This effect has not yet been the focus of most in-line inspections, as this combined effect normally happens on the internal surface of slurry pipelines, where, until now, the consequences of a failure have not significantly impacted operational revenues or been in the public eye. The rise of social and legislative pressure on mining companies based on recent incidents increased the need for more robust operational safety in the industry. Together with our partner Mineração Paragominas in South America, the ROSEN Group is beginning to develop and validate an approach for the effective and repeatable estimation of erosion growth rates to estimate the associated risk. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/From-data-to-growth-rates-and-risk-assessment.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Slow-Down-and-Measure.html Every in-line pipeline inspection is a complex project, and the coming together of various pieces is vital for success. First-run success, as we call it, becomes more vital in certain inspections for various reasons, one of them being product demand. This was the case in the Vung Tau area of Vietnam with the inspection of a high-risk, multi-phase pipeline crucial to the import and export of product from and to an onshore terminal and for the supply of gas and condensate throughout the country. The 26-inch pipeline (371 kilometers in length) was also home to a unique WYE piece that would require some attention as it resulted in product to be transported even faster than the already high 5m/s flow rate. As is so often the case, simple data collection is not enough; what matters is what you do with the data. The ultimate goal was to provide a geometry profile of the line, conduct a dent strain analysis and gain insight into any wall loss. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Slow-Down-and-Measure.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Soaring-past-conventions.html At the PPIM 2019 in Houston, Texas, we showed what it means to go above and beyond standard ILI solutions by tackling stubborn challenges, testing the limits of speed, and soaring past conventions. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Soaring-past-conventions.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Calculated-Speed-Control.html Sometimes pipeline inspections can be like reading a book. When you quickly skim the pages, you don’t catch all the details, but if you slow down, you get a better understanding of what you are reading. Similarly, if an in-line inspection tool ‘flies’ through the pipeline too fast, data isn’t optimally collected, or cleaning isn’t properly carried out, and valuable details can be missed. Ideal cleaning performance and data collection are achieved when tools travel through the line at speeds of below 5 m/s, with a bit of variance depending on the robustness of the given technology and the various pipeline characteristics such as size, product, and general geometry. However, lowering the production speed of any asset also has an effect on operations and financial performance, and therefore is not the best solution. There are various elements that can be integrated into ILI proceedings to combat these high speeds and still gain high-resolution data. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Calculated-Speed-Control.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Accurate-procedures-make-for-good-data.html Loading/unloading lines are pipeline assets in the oil and gas industry that often present unique subsea operating conditions. Although these pipelines are distinctive in many ways, they are also subjected to metal loss threats, as is any pipeline. Identifying the best methods for detecting and managing metal loss threats for loading lines requires not only knowledge of technologies but also of best practices for conducting any inspection work. This was also the case with a 24” loading line in the Colombian Caribbean. Together with the operator, the ROSEN group created a custom solution for this challenging asset to identify any metal loss and gain knowledge of the mechanical condition of the asset. The team would face a variety of challenges. An additional goal, and also what brought along much of the challenge, was to identify the precise location of the pipeline using submarine geo referencing techniques. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Accurate-procedures-make-for-good-data.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Integrity-medley.html The perfect pairing of diagnostics and integrity — this is what comprehensive asset care is all about. At the 14th Pipeline Technology Conference in Berlin, Germany, our experts shared their knowledge with key members of the industry and discussed how we combine unparalleled data collection technologies with integrity solutions to bring even more confidence to data. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Integrity-medley.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/ROSEN-Recognized-by-Ocensa-with-a-transformation-and-innovation-prize.html OCENSA, one of the largest oil transportation companies in Colombia, awarded the ROSEN Group with a prize in the category Transformation and Innovation. Every year, the Colombian corporation organizes the event to highlight and recognize the valuable contributions of its contractors and contract managers who distinguish themselves by their achievements, developments and improvements in their contractual relationship with the company. This year, the other award categories were Connected to the Environment, Efficiency, Responsible Management and the Regional Category. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/ROSEN-Recognized-by-Ocensa-with-a-transformation-and-innovation-prize.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Demonstrating-versatility.html Our company philosophy is built around the strong belief of giving back. That is why we continuously look for ways to strengthen our engagement within the local communities and expand our social activities in each region. Take the Emsland scholarship for example. It is addressed to university students in the region of Lingen (Ems), Germany, who will, once awarded, receive a support of €100 per month for one year. The program mainly focuses on fostering the cooperation between the scholarship holders and the respective company. This year, ROSEN not only took part in the scholarship program, but also hosted the award ceremony in the Innovation Center in Lingen. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Demonstrating-versatility.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Competence-and-Qualifications-Standardized.html Regulations are necessary and everywhere in the pipeline business – and they consistently state that all our engineers must be both “competent” and “qualified” to do their jobs. The problem is… we have little guidance on how to prove that our engineers are in fact competent and qualified. It is the same with our standards: most pipeline standards state that all staff working on a pipeline should be competent and qualified to do their jobs but do not detail or explain how to show this is the case. This means that all companies in the pipeline business must define their own competency standards for engineers. This leads to difficulties: there is no benchmark to compare these standards to and no agreement on process or quality. Time for change? http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Competence-and-Qualifications-Standardized.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Investing-in-partnerships-for-a-stronger-future.html As our industry is constantly developing and changing, predicting and preparing for the future of comprehensive asset care is critical. Collaboration is a key element to help us meet these future requirements. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Investing-in-partnerships-for-a-stronger-future.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Testing-the-heat.html There are over 2 million kilometers (1.55 million miles) of high-pressure transmission pipelines in operation today (reference: Global Data 2015); up to 1.5 million kilometers (960,000 miles) are still deemed “unpiggable” – but that number is decreasing as in-line inspection (ILI) technologies continue to evolve to meet the demands of these challenging pipelines. Pipelines transporting high-temperature products still seem to have a large gap in the availability of inspection solutions available in the market. The development of new solutions for these pipelines requires an extensive testing and validation process to ensure reliable and repeatable inspections are possible. This article¹ briefly introduces the development of a magnetic flux leakage (MFL) ILI solution capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 140°C for over 17 hours. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Testing-the-heat.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Putting-the-pieces-together.html Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) is a challenging integrity threat facing today’s pipeline industry. Environmental cracking processes are complex, not always well understood, and often difficult to predict. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Putting-the-pieces-together.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Social-Causes-in-Rare-Events.html Deep Water Horizon, Chernobyl, San Bruno, Challenger, Three Mile Island. Normally these names do not need an explanation. It’s common knowledge that these locations stand for catastrophic events, which not only took lives in their devastating wake and had huge environmental consequences, but also changed whole industries. They are called Rare Events. Even though they are rare, all of them have things in common. One is: The false sense of security, because disasters like this have never happened before. Is that why they happened? That’s definitely one way to look at it. They happened even though they were statistically improbable, their occurrence would never have been predicted, and they are way beyond what we can imagine. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Social-Causes-in-Rare-Events.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Combine-our-technologies.html Faced with assessing difficult defects such as complex corrosion or combinations of dents and corrosion more data is always better. Combined technologies improve probability of detection (POD), probability of identification (POI), probability of sizing (POS), and last but not least the fitness-for-service assessment that relies on understanding the nature and cause of the defect. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Combine-our-technologies.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Get-on-board.html The phrase “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry” is familiar to all of us. It recognizes uncertainty in our knowledge of the world. However, technology is starting to allow us to develop more robust and flexible plans that mean we can make better-informed decisions and are less likely to be caught out by the mythical “Murphy’s Law.” As an example, consider navigation. Not that many years ago, on a route you drove regularly, you would get to know the traffic patterns and, as an expert in that route, be able to avoid difficult times, be aware of unusually high traffic volumes and make good decisions about taking an alternative route. However, on an unfamiliar route you had to study an out-of-date paper map (noting that there are varying levels of competence in map reading), jot down some directions and hope for the best with traffic. Then along came GPS, and finding your way became easy. Negotiating traffic was still a lottery. Now we have live traffic information, and our phones give us options on our route, predicting the best one, and even update the predictions of the optimum route as we drive. So nobody will ever get stuck in traffic and be late for a meeting again! The emphasis being on the reliability of the predictions made available to us, and our ability to make an improved choice. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Get-on-board.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/The-smart-way-to-efficiency.html Cleaning is a vital aspect of the integrity management of pipeline networks and is necessary at every stage throughout a pipeline’s lifecycle. Each pipeline is unique, so cleaning needs may vary depending on the pipeline’s operational purpose and lifecycle stage. Failure to clean a pipeline at regular intervals leads to reduced efficiency and may result in damages that impact its integrity. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/The-smart-way-to-efficiency.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/To-pig-or-not-to-pig-that-is-the-question.html A serious dent substantially reduced the internal diameter of a customer’s pipeline at one spot. As a main supply line for the area, the pipeline is crucial, and the operator really wanted to know: is it still safe for humans and the environment to operate the pipeline, and, not less interesting, is the pipeline piggable with this dent? The ROSEN Group said, “Yes, it is.” But validating this statement would include a risk assessment, repair proposal, maintenance cleaning, aggressive cleaning before inspection and an in-line inspection (ILI). For this, ROSEN designed and built a perfect replica of the dent and executed several pull tests at its base in Lingen (Ems), Germany. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/To-pig-or-not-to-pig-that-is-the-question.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Going-the-distance.html 663 miles, 1,019 kilometers, 550 nautical miles – that’s looong. That’s the length of a pipeline that needed to be inspected, requiring a single tool that could handle a very long trip. Not just that, but a tool that could reliably detect and size cracking, measure wall thickness and provide a geometry inspection. Crude oil buildup, battery life and data storage are among the challenges faced when developing a solution, an in-line inspection tool that could inspect a monster like this one. It would take five million barrels of crude oil to carry this tool along a span of 663 miles from the launcher to the receiver; it would need to be equipped with extended battery life to last up to 40 days in the pipe, AND it had to hold up to an estimated 33 terabytes of raw input data. Processing that amount of data is a feat on its own! http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Going-the-distance.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/ROSEN-pipeline-industries-guild-award.html ROSEN was awarded the Pipeline Industries Guild 2019 Prestigious Technology Award for its ground breaking Pipeline DNA and Pipe Grade Determination service. The service brings together unique internal inspection technology for identifying pipe strength with expertise in specialist materials, to produce data that provides a complete picture of the pipeline. The award ceremony, hosted by the Pipelines Industries Guild, was held in the Hilton Deansgate hotel in Manchester on June 27, 2019. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/ROSEN-pipeline-industries-guild-award.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/No-express-lane-for-experience.html ‘Continuing professional development’ (CPD) is the process of managing and documenting the skills, knowledge and experience that a member of staff gains both formally and informally. Training programs help to increase the skills and knowledge in a specific subject, but experience cannot be gained in a fast-track training program. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/No-express-lane-for-experience.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/ROSEN-delivers-polyurethane-lined-pipe.html Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. June 2019 – ROSEN is concluding a project converting bare steel pipe to internally coated wear resistant pipe. This project is part of a planned upgrade for a client with a production facility in Northern Alberta. The project includes the installation of upgraded bare steel pipe, which has been internally coated with a wear resistant RoCoat™ liner. ROSEN has also equipped the new pipe with a wear monitoring system allowing acquisition of coating condition “online.” The lined pipe and wear monitoring devices are designed, manufactured and installed in Calgary, Alberta. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/ROSEN-delivers-polyurethane-lined-pipe.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/20-Years-Australia.html The ROSEN Group in its 36 years has grown continually, from the small town of Lingen in Germany to 26 locations worldwide, including the Australian outback. In the history of the 20 years in Australia, experts have delivered a variety of in-line inspection solutions for pipelines for more than 50 operators. Today, Executive Vice President Business Collaboration of the ROSEN Group, Erik Cornelissen, looks back on 20 years. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/20-Years-Australia.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/The-Role-of-Competency-in-Pipeline-Safety-Management-Systems.html Our free webinar, presented live by the experts, will introduce a structured approach for developing, assessing and demonstrating competence in compliance with Item 9 of the PSMS, ‘Competence, Awareness, and Training.’ http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/The-Role-of-Competency-in-Pipeline-Safety-Management-Systems.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/HSE-Award-in-Columbia.html ROSEN was awarded the Medalla al Mérito Cruz Blanca (White Cross Medal of Merit) by the Colombian Safety Council for outstanding performance in the area of environmental protection and health & safety during the period from 2017 to 2018. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/HSE-Award-in-Columbia.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Explore-our-Many-Facets.html We are proud to announce that we will once again be participating in the 12th edition of the Rio Pipeline Conference & Exhibition, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on 3-5 September, 2019. Join us at this event to see the depth of facets available for assets in the oil & gas and mining industries. We will demonstrate the pool of facets from which we can pull various elements together to create the perfect solution. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Explore-our-Many-Facets.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Going-Below.html Offshore pipelines are constructed by welding together straight pipe joints, and in an ideal world, the pipeline would stay completely straight, never moving. In reality, all pipelines contain bends. These may be manufactured bends to accommodate changes in route near platforms, gentle curves to follow the seabed profile or avoid obstacles, designed-in curvature to allow flexibility for thermal expansion, bends caused by operation or the environment (e.g. seabed movement). In offshore pipelines these curves or bends that were not manufactured are known as areas of out-of-straightness. Out-of-straightness is tolerable as long as the causes are understood and engineering assessments show that there is no threat to pipeline integrity. However, they can be a real concern and lead to loss of serviceability by cross-sectional collapse and even failure if the bend becomes too tight and the bending strains exceed critical levels. The environmental damage, disruption and cost can then be substantial. This article will provide an understanding of why pipeline out-of-straightness occurs and how a pipeline operator may identify, measure and monitor out-of-straightness in operational pipelines as part of their integrity management strategy. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Going-Below.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/WHY_Inspect-Piping-in-Refineries.html Refined product consumption is on the rise: for example, demand of oil rose by 1.7% in 2017, likely driven by the transport and petrochemical sectors. That being said, the production of refined oil also grew, by 1.4%. To put it bluntly, the world’s energy consumption increased by 2.3% in 2017, and the production of energy is barely keeping up with a rise of 2.4% (“World Energy Statistics | Enerdata”). Refining facilities are under pressure to perform efficiently and safely. Ensuring the integrity of refineries is more vital than ever, and inspecting piping is part of protecting their core. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/WHY_Inspect-Piping-in-Refineries.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Batching-all-the-time.html In August 2017, after over five years of construction and more than 300 dedicated workers employed for construction alone, the first major crude oil pipeline connecting the west Athabasca region to the Edmonton market was completed. The pipeline moves crude oil from the established Athabasca producing region as well as new developments near the Athabasca River. A pipeline of this magnitude, however, comes with some challenges. Operators use it to transport a variety of products to maximize efficiency. Safe and optimal operations are vital. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Batching-all-the-time.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Braving-Higher-Forces.html Imagine the following scenario: an event is just around the corner, and you finally got everything nicely planned out, schedule and all. But suddenly, the weather – an unpredictable force – turns all your expectations upside down and ruins your plans. Obviously, you were unable to calculate such a scenario in advance. Still, now you have to deal with it. In some cases, pipeline operators cannot consider the weather as a variable when building a new pipeline, and what possible impact it can have on their assets, especially the ones that lie hundreds of meters below sea level. In the case of a new construction in China, a typhoon disrupted the construction plans of a subsea pipeline, causing unforeseeable damage. Consequently, the pipeline was in need of an inspection to guarantee the integrity and safety of the asset. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Braving-Higher-Forces.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/A-Night-of-Celebration.html Since its origins as a one-man business in 1981, the ROSEN Group has rapidly grown and continues to do so. The business has been expanded to several worldwide locations, including an office in Rio de Janeiro. Recently, the ROSEN office in Brazil marked its 20 year anniversary. To celebrate the occasion, valued customers from the region were invited to join ROSEN employees at the iconic Morro da Urca, which overlooks both the city and the famous nearby Sugarloaf Mountain, in Rio de Janeiro. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/A-Night-of-Celebration.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Tethered-Technology-For-High-Precision-Data.html An operator of a pipeline network in the North Sea in Norway was experiencing problems with several newly constructed offshore flow lines. These pipelines contain sacrificial anodes that are welded to the pipe wall every 100 meters for cathodic protection. Prior to the commissioning of operations, the operator performed a pressure test and found that the pipeline contained circumferential cracks at the toe of the fillet weld of the anodes, resulting in leakage. After closer investigation, the operator determined that the hydrogen charge from the cathodic protection system was, in fact, causing hydrogen-induced stress cracking on the pipeline wall. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Tethered-Technology-For-High-Precision-Data.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Strengthening-the-team-spirit.html Our company trusts in the power of working in teams. We believe that teamwork helps us to use synergies and potentials within the company. However, the promotion of team spirit does not only refer to the professional lives of our employees, but also to their leisure time. A healthy spirit prefers a healthy body and therefore we are proud to sponsor various sporting activities for our employees all over the world. Our focus is on team performance such as mastering the challenges together and meeting new faces that will become not only colleagues, but possibly even friends. Take the bike ride from Newcastle to Aberdeen for example. Our colleagues did not know each other well before, but mastered this tour and grew together to a great team. Moreover, this is probably true for all sports teams as you can read further below. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Strengthening-the-team-spirit.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Advancing-the-Assessment.html In a technical paper, “Estimation of Residual Stress Levels in Fitness For Service Evaluations of Linepipe,” ROSEN Group Engineers Bob Andrews and Simon Slater provide the basis for recommended residual stress levels to use in the assessment of axial cracks in steel transmission pipelines. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Advancing-the-Assessment.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Demonstrated-Commitment-to-Innovation.html "Collaboration equals Innovation" – Michael Dell. This seemed to be the all-encompassing theme of last week's Innovation Summit hosted by ROSEN Canada at the Telus Spark Science Center in Calgary. The Science Center's mission states; "Spark brings people together to learn, play and create with science, technology, engineering, art and math." In that spirit, the event took off. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Demonstrated-Commitment-to-Innovation.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Collecting-Corrosion.html Economist Vilfredo Pareto discovered a natural law describing wealth distribution in human societies; he found that 20% of people own 80% of the wealth. But what about the distribution of corrosion features in pipelines? What percentage of pipelines contain 80% of the corrosion features? http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Collecting-Corrosion.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Providing-assurance-against-scc-on-aging-assets.html Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) has been described by many operators as the pipeline threat that is the most difficult to deal with due to the uncertainties of location, identification, measurement and growth rate prediction. However, it is particularly challenging if cracking is present across multiple pipeline systems and if the cracking is both axially and circumferentially orientated. Taking a holistic approach to this threat and addressing it using a framework of individual but integrated elements allows effective management of this threat. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Providing-assurance-against-scc-on-aging-assets.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Why_Consultancy-and-Testing-Must-Be-Combined.html The common proverb that “The Proof of the Pudding is in the Eating” makes it clear that it does not matter how fancy the decoration is, the true test of a pudding is how it tastes. Everybody knows that sticky toffee pudding does not have the looks, but it tastes great. The same is true of the engineering calculations and analyses that form the basis of most engineering consultancy. The ultimate test, of course, comes when the resulting recommendations are implemented in real-world situations. There are, however, a number of potential drawbacks to implementing advice without some verification, and these drawbacks can be more significant than a disappointingly bland finish to the meal, leaving you wishing you had chosen the cheese board! http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Why_Consultancy-and-Testing-Must-Be-Combined.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/First-Lego-League-2019-at-ROSEN.html On Saturday, 16 November 2019, ROSEN hosted the FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL) Regional Tournament at its Innovation Center in Lingen (Ems), Germany. More than 100 children and teenagers aged 9 to 16 participated in the international research and robotics competition, which, this year, ran under the motto “CITY SHAPER: Designing the buildings of the future.” As always the competition’s highlight were the Robot Games, where the teams have their respective LEGO robots perform tasks on an obstacle course. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/First-Lego-League-2019-at-ROSEN.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/RoCoat-for-Slurry-Pipelines.html Hydrotransport slurry pipelines are particularly susceptible to abrasive wear. High solids content, large particle size, flow stream velocity and corrosive fluids work together synergistically to attack and wear down pipeline materials. The pipelines transport a mixture of oil sand and process water from ore preparation plants – near the active oil sands mining area – to primary separation vessels, where bitumen is extracted from the ore. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/RoCoat-for-Slurry-Pipelines.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Ready-to-Operate.html Oil and gas terminals change hands often, and many times in such changeovers, information and knowledge about the individual assets in a facility gets lost. This is the case even more so with aging infrastructure or terminals that have not been in operation for a long period of time, where the information that is available is also outdated. Before an oil terminal could go back into operation after many years, an all-encompassing integrity assessment and extensive refurbishment needed to take place. Initially, the scope included the inspection of two tanks and one 450-meter, eight-inch loading line. However, as the project progressed, ROSEN delivered much more than just inspection work and integrity assessments. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Ready-to-Operate.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Cognitive-Biases.html Cognitive bias is a term that refers to the systematic ways in which a person’s decision-making is influenced based on the context of the information received and their own perception. In this article, Michael Smith, of the ROSEN Group, introduces this phenomenon with a special focus on our individual blind spots. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Cognitive-Biases.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Coming-Together-for-Kids.html The children of the ROSEN bilingual primary school ROBIGS and the ROKIDS day care center have once again committed themselves to helping disadvantaged children in the area. Together with ROSEN Group apprentices, they collected 2,000 euros and 300 gifts for the Youth Welfare Office of the City of Lingen and the Catholic Association for Social Services in Lingen. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2019/Coming-Together-for-Kids.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/ROSEN-Innovation-Summits.html The ROSEN-hosted Innovation Summits take place around the globe and consist of lectures, workshops and panel discussions packed full with topics focusing on the future of pipeline integrity. Industry experts initiate and drive the content of these events. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/ROSEN-Innovation-Summits.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Comprehensive-Accurate-Efficient.html Pipeline integrity is negatively affected by a multitude of anomalies, flaws and threats, which sometimes may even interact. Trying to assess multiple threats with only a single inspection technology often falls short. The combination of multiple technologies on one tool to comprehensively assess various types of threats in one ILI run provides significant added value and ultimately reduces inspection-related costs and efforts. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Comprehensive-Accurate-Efficient.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Insonify-Your-Flow.html We are proud to announce that a brand new microsite devoted to the latest developments and information on the EMAT Flowmeter is now live. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Insonify-Your-Flow.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/The-ROSEN-Group-at-ptc-2018.html We are proud to announce that we will once again be participating at the 13th Pipeline Technology Conference, Berlin, Germany on 12-14 March 2018. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/The-ROSEN-Group-at-ptc-2018.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Competence-in-Pipeline-Asset-Care.html For more than 35 years, the ROSEN Group has delivered inspection and integrity services to onshore and offshore pipeline operators around the world. Technology, innovation, and service excellence have made ROSEN the leading pipeline inspection provider with operations in more than 120 countries. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Competence-in-Pipeline-Asset-Care.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/70-Years-in-the-Pipeline-Industry.html Ray Lewis has been sharing his wealth of knowledge, experience, and leadership in the areas of pipeline pressure testing technology, in-line inspection, and all aspects of pipeline integrity management for nearly 70 years. In recognition of his long-term contribution, including his over 20-year involvement in the ASME B31.8 code committee, Mr. Lewis was presented with the ASME Certificate of Achievement for Meritorious Service. Robert Appleby of ASME presented Mr. Lewis with the recognition on 31 January 2018, at the Pigging Pipeline Integrity Management Conference and Exhibition in Houston, TX. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/70-Years-in-the-Pipeline-Industry.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Thanks-for-joining-us-at-PPIM-2018.html On 29 January, ROSEN’s All-Star Asset Care Team took to the field at PPIM 2018 to display our combined diagnostic solutions and brand-new integrity management software that help shut out threats to a pipeline’s integrity. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Thanks-for-joining-us-at-PPIM-2018.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Zero-Incidents-Learning-From-Other-Industries.html Created by Hermann Rosen, the ROSEN Energy and Innovation Forum aims to provide a platform for the open exchange of ideas and concepts between the key stakeholders in our industry: operators, service and technology providers, and regulators. On May 15 2018, this platform will take shape once again. This year’s topic is “Zero Incidents – Learning from Other Industries”. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Zero-Incidents-Learning-From-Other-Industries.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Ensuring-Safe-Subsea-Pipeline-Recovery.html A Pipeline End Manifold (PLEM) connected to a decade-old subsea pipeline in Asia Pacific required repair. The operator’s goal was to replace a flange connection and badly corroded sections of both the PLEM and associated pipeline, and then return it to service. The operator’s preferred recovery method was the reverse-lay approach. However, this would only be carried out if the structural integrity of the pipeline could be ensured. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Ensuring-Safe-Subsea-Pipeline-Recovery.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Live-Streaming-Presentations-from-PTC-2018.html For the first time, eager listeners around the world will have the chance to watch and participate in the ROSEN Group’s live presentations from the PTC in Berlin, March 12–13. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Live-Streaming-Presentations-from-PTC-2018.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Crack-Inspection-of-a-Small-Multi-Diameter-Asset.html Several decades ago, a U.S. operator connected two existing pipelines of differently-sized diameters. The 29-mile-long onshore pipeline was built in 1957 and, due to its age, in need of an inspection. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Crack-Inspection-of-a-Small-Multi-Diameter-Asset.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Unique-Assets-Require-Versatile-Solutions.html Your asset is unique, and this is why our solutions are versatile. Be it pipeline end manifold (PLEM), flexible riser, or topside structure, we have the expertise and equipment to provide you with an integrity management solution tailored specifically to your needs. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Unique-Assets-Require-Versatile-Solutions.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Another-Step-Forward-for-the-Industry.html In March 2018, the European Pipeline Research Group (EPRG) plenary meeting was held at the ROSEN Group headquarters in Stans, Switzerland. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Another-Step-Forward-for-the-Industry.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Tank-Terminals-Addressing-Reliability-and-Integrity.html 20-22 March 2018 — ROSEN’s experts were on location at StocExpo 2018 in Rotterdam, Netherlands, showing how tank terminal operators can achieve their asset integrity goals with ROSEN by their side. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Tank-Terminals-Addressing-Reliability-and-Integrity.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Corrosion-Growth-Assessment.html Corrosion is the most common time-dependent threat for pipelines. Managing this threat is critical in ensuring the future integrity of a pipeline. For effective corrosion management, the cause of the corrosion must be known, and reliable estimates of the corrosion growth rate are critical. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Corrosion-Growth-Assessment.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Combined-Solution-for-Natural-Gas-Pipeline.html Pipeline integrity is negatively affected by a multitude of anomalies, flaws, and threats, which may even interact with each other at times. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Combined-Solution-for-Natural-Gas-Pipeline.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/CR19-Coiled-Tubing-Inspection.html A well operator requested the inspection of coiled tubing made from Duplex stainless steel. Duplex steels are often used in velocity strings, as they can remain for long periods of time inside wells, and this material is able to withstand the harsh conditions. However, this material proves more difficult to inspect due to the fact that it often contains a higher percentage of chrome (usually around 16 percent) and is therefore typically nonmagnetic — preventing the possibility of a typical coiled tubing inspection by means of a Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) tool. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/CR19-Coiled-Tubing-Inspection.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/ROSEN-Donates-Computers-to-Support-Online-Teaching-and-Learning-Program.html ROSEN Asia Pacific donated computers and monitors to Sekolah Kebangsaan Labohan Dagang in Banting, Selangor, to support nationally recognized online teaching and learning programs through the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) 1BestariNet. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/ROSEN-Donates-Computers-to-Support-Online-Teaching-and-Learning-Program.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Depth-of-Cover.html Third-party interference is widely documented as being a major cause of damage to buried pipelines. This type of damage is caused by human interference from activities such as construction activities. In addition to routine surveillance, maintaining a minimum depth of cover is recognized as a key means of mitigation against third party interference. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Depth-of-Cover.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Find-out-What-it-Means-to-Isonify-Your-Flow.html ACHEMA is the world forum for chemical engineering and the process industry. The event presents a platform for innovation, trend-setting, and offers a unique network of experts and executive. Every three years innovators get together from around the world, and ROSEN is proud to be one of them. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Find-out-What-it-Means-to-Isonify-Your-Flow.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/The-Offshore-Arena.html ROSEN teamed up with an operator to inspect an offshore 36”, 450-km gas pipeline. This pipeline was commissioned in the 1980s and had been inspected on two previous occasions. The next ILI inspection was not required for nearly another 20 years; however, due to the planned decommissioning of several platforms along the route, the operator required an inline inspection to be performed within a short timeframe. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/The-Offshore-Arena.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Learning-From-Other-Industries.html The 4th ROSEN Energy and Innovation Forum (REIF) came to a conclusion after three days of thoughtful discussion and innovative ideas, resulting in a new standard for our industry. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Learning-From-Other-Industries.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/From-R-and-D-to-Application.html Many years ago, the ROSEN Group began manufacturing its own cups and discs for pipeline inspection and cleaning tools; almost since that day, there has been a constant will to perfect these polyurethane elements. These improvement efforts have now gone beyond polyurethane itself. ROSEN scientists asked themselves, What if these elements were “intelligent,” too? And so the R&D project started to develop cups and discs integrated with sensors. This leads to endless possibilities for elastomer sensors and a variety of industrial and civil applications. Let us introduce you to the initial developments of a component crucial to bringing “intelligence” into polyurethane products – starting from a classic R&D project. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/From-R-and-D-to-Application.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Combined-Evaluations.html The benefit of combining technologies for the inspection of pipelines lies primarily in the combination of data sets when analyzing features. With more information, and different perspectives, the personal interpretation that is often needed with identifying features becomes less necessary as the data becomes clearer. This unique method of combined technologies allows for more accurate and reliable integrity assessments. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Combined-Evaluations.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Annual-SGA-Workshop-With-North-American-Gas-Operators.html For the third year in a row, the SGA workshop took place at the ROSEN Facility in Columbus Ohio on 23 May 2018. We are pleased to say that the annual event was well-attended by North American gas operators. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Annual-SGA-Workshop-With-North-American-Gas-Operators.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Safe-Solution-for-Complex-Operational-Conditions.html In the current market climate, operators are looking for ways to extend the life of their existing assets beyond their original design life to reduce future capital expenditures. A remaining life assessment through inline inspection is a key component when looking to extend the life of a pipeline. ROSEN was challenged to provide an inspection solution for a pipeline in the North Sea to support its life extension. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Safe-Solution-for-Complex-Operational-Conditions.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/offshore-inline-inspection.html As Oil & Gas exploration moves even farther and deeper offshore, pipeline operators worldwide tend to look closer at the future inspectability of the pipelines they are planning to build. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/offshore-inline-inspection.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/The-Evolution-of-MFL-Technologies.html Take a closer look at the power horse of the ROSEN Group, Magnetic Flux Leakage. A service, a tool and, above all, a technology that has stood the test of time and proven its worth repeatedly, through stability, reliability and constant improvement. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/The-Evolution-of-MFL-Technologies.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Case-Study-No-Flow-Required.html A 10”, 600-meter-long line, built in 1961 to transport fuel for use in aircraft turbine engines, was in need of inspection. The pipeline had previously received an external inspection using long-range ultrasonic testing (LRUT), and two defects were detected. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Case-Study-No-Flow-Required.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Clearing-the-Debris.html By utilizing complementary combined technologies, data sets for corrosion, deformation, geometry, pipe grade, cracking and interacting features can be combined during analysis – increasing the probability of the identifying, detecting and sizing capabilities. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Clearing-the-Debris.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/A-Comprehensive-Solution-for-Aging-Pipelines.html Within the current environment of low oil prices and heightened public concern about environmental protection, launching new oil and gas exploration projects will remain challenging for the years to come. This in turn will increase the importance of maintaining existing assets. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/A-Comprehensive-Solution-for-Aging-Pipelines.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Corrosion-Under-Offshore-Pipe-Supports.html Corrosion Under Pipe Supports Is One Of The Leading Causes Of Topside Process Piping Failure. This Is Because Corrosion On These Crucial Pipe Components Is Often Either A Hidden Threat, Undetected By Even The Most Experienced Piping Inspector During Visual Examination, Or It May Be Visible But Cannot Be Quantified. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Corrosion-Under-Offshore-Pipe-Supports.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Innovation-at-the-Forefront.html What can we accomplish in 24 hours? From idea to prototype in the blink of an eye. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Innovation-at-the-Forefront.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Dent-Strain-Remaining-Life-Assessment.html Deformations in pipelines such as dents and buckles cause stress concentrations and may initiate failure by fatigue. As such these features pose a major threat to pipeline integrity. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Dent-Strain-Remaining-Life-Assessment.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Creating-opportunities-for-operators-in-the-region.html Together with a strong technical partner, the ROSEN Group strengthens integrity efforts in Nigeria. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Creating-opportunities-for-operators-in-the-region.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Workshop-Effective-Corrosion-Management.html Collaborating with other members of the oil and gas industry means sharing knowledge and experiences to gain a deeper understanding of the unique challenges facing operators today. Through this valuable exchange, we grow closer to achieving the goal of zero incidents. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Workshop-Effective-Corrosion-Management.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Lifetime-extension-at-minimized-risk.html Tanker loading/unloading lines are unique pipeline assets in the oil and gas industry. In many cases, these pipelines connect shore-based installations to a subsea pipeline end manifold (PLEM). The PLEM is connected to the surface buoy by subsea hoses. The mono-buoy is then connected to the tanker using floating hoses to accomplish the loading or unloading process. As these lines are the point of export and/or import of hydrocarbons, and in most cases there are no alternative means, they are often deemed a critical element in an operator’s network. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Lifetime-extension-at-minimized-risk.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Never-too-hot-to-handle.html The ROSEN Group has recently conducted a series of diagnostics and integrity assessments on a hot oil pipeline in Ecuador. In this specific case, the goal was to gain valuable information on the integrity status of 400 km of pipeline, across 34 segments, with varying diameters. This would mean a RoCorr MFL-A and RoGeo XT/MD service would be applied over a 3-year timeframe, and over 70 individual inspections would be required. This brief project overview explains some of the challenges and solutions provided. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Never-too-hot-to-handle.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Do-you-have-a-challenging-pipeline.html Since the introduction of inline inspection (ILI) tools more than 50 years ago, there have always been pipelines that were considered unpiggable. At ROSEN, however, we refuse to accept this as a fact. This is why we have dedicated the Challenging Pipeline Diagnostics Division to finding ILI solutions for what we refer to as challenging pipelines. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Do-you-have-a-challenging-pipeline.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Conflicting-pipeline-parameters.html Challenging pipeline conditions for inline inspection (ILI) can be caused by several different parameters, including pipeline length, diameter changes, installations and operating conditions. Very often, the real challenge results from a combination of these influencing parameters — each single individual parameter does not necessarily constitute a challenge. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Conflicting-pipeline-parameters.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Elevating-integrity-management-to-a-new-level.html At this year’s International Pipeline Conference and Exhibition (IPC/IPE), ROSEN celebrates the global launch of its brand new digital integrity management solution, NIMA. Offering customers a basis for secure decision-making by providing an accurate reflection of individual integrity management processes and easy access to all necessary data, NIMA sets a new standard in the oil and gas industry. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Elevating-integrity-management-to-a-new-level.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Together-for-a-better-future.html “Serving the Pipeline Network — On the Road to Zero Incidents,“ was our motto at this year’s International Pipeline Conference and Exhibition in Calgary, AB, Canada, where thousands of pipeline professionals from all around the world convened for valuable knowledge exchange. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Together-for-a-better-future.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/271tubes-60bends-2heatexchangers.html Furnaces being a vital part of the refining process, monitoring their integrity is critical for any facility, as was the case at the Refidomsa facility in the Dominican Republic. This brief case study reviews the utilization of an Electromagnetic Transducer (EMAT) technology-based Circumferential Hand Scanning Tool (CIRC) in combination with visual inspection and ultrasound (UT) imaging for a comprehensive inspection of two furnaces. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/271tubes-60bends-2heatexchangers.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/MAOP-validation-with-RoMat-PGS-webinar-throwback.html Identifying any weak links in a pipeline’s integrity, eliminating them, and hereby increasing operational safety is the ultimate goal of any good integrity assessment/maintenance program. Significant enhancements in various in-line inspection technologies allows for a better understanding of assets as a whole. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/MAOP-validation-with-RoMat-PGS-webinar-throwback.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/The-2018-ROSEN-Seminar-Mexico.html The ROSEN Seminar 2018 took place on October 17, 2018, in Mexico City. At this seminar, insights on experiences and key developments in the field of pipeline inspection and integrity management were shared through presentations and workshops hosted by industry experts and stakeholders. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/The-2018-ROSEN-Seminar-Mexico.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Pigging-study.html A floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel handling crude oil was scheduled to undergo an infrastructure reconfiguration from a turret mooring system to a spread mooring system. The proposed offloading system for this configuration was comprised of a catenary anchor leg mooring (CALM) buoy tied back to the FPSO through 20” twin looped oil offloading lines (OOLs). http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Pigging-study.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Pipeline-meets-python.html Experts from the national and international programming scene took turns at the mic over five days at the PyCon.DE conference in Karlsruhe. Data scientists from the ROSEN Group were amongst those in attendance. As an information service provider with a branch in Stutensee, ROSEN is constantly seeking additional forms of analysis which can be applied in new industries. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Pipeline-meets-python.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/The-importance-of-analyzing.html Flow assurance challenges increase significantly as wells are situated further away from shore in deep water. Without feasibility studies, pipeline operators would not be able to determine the most viable and safest solutions for offshore cleaning and inspection. ROSEN’s knowledge in flow assurance laid the groundwork for an analysis of a 1,500-meter-deep multiphase flowline system in the South China Sea. Using flow-modelling tools, ROSEN studied the impact of cleaning and ILI pigging on production to provide a pigging plan, support specifications and procedures, thus enabling ILI specialists to inspect the pipeline. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/The-importance-of-analyzing.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Changing-how-we-educate-integrity-engineers.html In our business, regulations are necessary and everywhere. With the 0-incidents mindset becoming more prevalent, these regulations will also become more present. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Changing-how-we-educate-integrity-engineers.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Creativity-technology-and-teamwork.html Ten teams from six regional schools participated in the exciting competition, the FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL), hosted by the ROSEN Group. The motto "Into Orbit - Life and Travel in Space" was carried throughout the day’s activities, which took place at the Innovation Center in Lingen, Germany. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Creativity-technology-and-teamwork.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Integrity-insights-formed-by-experience.html In terms of integrity assessment, the pipeline industry has come a long way in 40 years, developing systems to detect, locate, size, and assess the significance of many types of features. These methods will continue to evolve, but the biggest gains will come from obtaining, retaining, and using data for our pipelines. Bob Andrews draws on his 40 years of experience in the integrity field to discuss a few of these developments and the pain points that, if not addressed, will put a stop to the trend of integrity management improvement. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Integrity-insights-formed-by-experience.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Cleaning-prior-to-inspection.html No launching or receiving facilities, lack of adequate propulsion, heavy wall thicknesses and offshore conditions – these are all challenges that can “easily” be overcome. But what to do when the cleanliness of a pipeline is the real issue? This article shows the value of choosing the right technology for the job and the need for adequate cleaning programs prior to in-line inspection activities. Cleaning and maintenance work can dramatically increase the efficiency of a pipeline, but it can also have dramatic effects on the success of other integrity activities. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Cleaning-prior-to-inspection.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Granting-christmas-wishes.html The children from the ROSEN daycare center, ROKIDS, and the ROSEN bilingual elementary school, ROBIGS, together with the apprentices of the ROSEN Group in Lingen, took initiative in the Christmas campaign, “Children Helping Children.” Together, they collected 250 Christmas gifts for underprivileged children from the local region, and gave an additional donation of 1,500 euros to charitable organizations that help support children and families. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2018/Granting-christmas-wishes.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/ROSENs-R-D-of-Great-Relevance-to-the-Transportation-Industry.html Always on the look-out for new, innovative solutions and areas of application, ROSEN’s Industrial Diagnostics division develops non-destructive testing systems not only for the oil and gas industry, but also for the steel industry, and in particular the railway industry. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/ROSENs-R-D-of-Great-Relevance-to-the-Transportation-Industry.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/The-ROSEN-Group-at-PPIM-2017.html We are pleased to announce that the ROSEN Group will once again be a platinum elite sponsor at Pipeline Pigging Integrity Management Conference (PPIM). The event will take place at the George R. Brown Convention Center and the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Houston, Texas, from 27 February to 2 March 2017. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/The-ROSEN-Group-at-PPIM-2017.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/ROSEN-Wear-Monitoring-System.html ROSEN has developed a new monitoring system for the wear of polyurethane (PU) pipeline coatings. Since the system accurately determines the thickness of the coating, operators no longer need to rely on mostly conservative estimates for the intervals of their maintenance activities. In this way, they make sure they use the pipe coating to its full extend, thus effectively reducing downtime. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/ROSEN-Wear-Monitoring-System.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/ROSEN-to-launch-premium-CGA-service.html At this year’s Pipeline Pigging & Integrity Management Conference, the ROSEN Group will unveil its new premium Corrosion Growth Assessment service, CGApro. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/ROSEN-to-launch-premium-CGA-service.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/a-great-team-effort-ppim-2017.html Thanks for joining us at PPIM 2017. It was great playing ball with you! http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/a-great-team-effort-ppim-2017.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/The-Importance-of-Knowledge-Transfer-in-Industry.html Michelle Unger from ROSEN Education Systems and Services was interviewed by Phil Hopkins Ltd. and talked about the importance of knowledge transfer in our industry. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/The-Importance-of-Knowledge-Transfer-in-Industry.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/Slow-down-for-Optimal-Performance.html Heavy buildup of solids, such as black dust, can drastically affect pipeline efficiency and requires effective cleaning solutions. Given the high speed of the product flow, this presents a challenge for high-velocity gas pipelines. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/Slow-down-for-Optimal-Performance.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/The-ROSEN-Group-at-ptc-2017.html The Pipeline Technology Conference (ptc) will take place for the 12th time this year, and we are pleased to say that ROSEN will once again act as Platinum Sponsor for the event. Europe’s leading pipeline conference and exhibition will be held at Estrel Convention Center in Berlin, Germany, from 2 to 4 May, 2017, and more than 600 delegates from all across the world are expected to attend. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/The-ROSEN-Group-at-ptc-2017.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/Hydrotransport-2017-Spotlight-on-innovative-Coating-and-Wear-Monitoring-Solutions.html We are pleased to announce that the ROSEN Group will sponsor the Best Paper Award at the 20th International Conference on Hydrotransport in Melbourne, Australia. The event will take place at the Rydges Melbourne, 186 Exhibition St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia, from 3 to 5 May 2017. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/Hydrotransport-2017-Spotlight-on-innovative-Coating-and-Wear-Monitoring-Solutions.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/ROSEN-featured-in-The-Australian-Pipeliner.html ROSEN has built a reputation for successfully inspecting assets that have been deemed ‚unpiggable‘ by others. One such asset type is that of loading lines. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/ROSEN-featured-in-The-Australian-Pipeliner.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/RoCoat-for-Slurry-Pipelines-dont-let-slurry-wear-you-down.html Slurry pipelines are particularly susceptible to abrasive wear due to the amount of solid particles within the product. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/RoCoat-for-Slurry-Pipelines-dont-let-slurry-wear-you-down.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/Rising-to-the-Challenge.html It is through inventiveness, resourcefulness, and dedication that ROSEN has successfully completed yet another challenging project. In an extraordinary team effort, the experts in Oldenzaal were responsible for the conceptualization and execution of the solution, while the professionals in Lingen combined the necessary elements to produce the final inspection tool. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/Rising-to-the-Challenge.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/Unpiggable-No-More-ROSEN-at-the-2017-Unpiggable-Pipeline-Solutions-Forum.html ROSEN’s Challenging Pipeline Diagnostics Division once again participated in a successful Unpiggable Pipelines Solutions Forum, which took place June 14–15 at the Marriot Westchase Hotel in Houston, Texas, USA. As a gold sponsor of the event, the dedicated ROSEN team hosted an interactive booth and presented two technical papers. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/Unpiggable-No-More-ROSEN-at-the-2017-Unpiggable-Pipeline-Solutions-Forum.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/Quality-you-can-count-on-ROSEN-AutoSCAN.html ROSEN’s newly developed Automated Signal Correlation And Normalization (AutoSCAN) software package played an essential role in the timely and successful completion of a project for a client in the Middle East. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/Quality-you-can-count-on-ROSEN-AutoSCAN.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/ROSEN-hosting-First-Lego-League-Tournament.html It is today that tomorrow’s innovators must be inspired and challenged. Always committed to the fostering of young talents, this is why the ROSEN Group has now become a sanctioned partner of the FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL) and as such will be hosting an FLL Regional Tournament in its location in Lingen, Germany, on Saturday, 25 November, 2017. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/ROSEN-hosting-First-Lego-League-Tournament.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/ROSEN-Mexico-at-the-Mexico-Oil-and-Gas-Summit-2017.html The Mexico Oil & Gas Summit 2017 took place at the Hotel Sheraton María Isabel in Mexico City on 18 to 19 July. Various speakers and panelist lectured and discussed different topics focusing on the oil and gas industry. While it was the second time that ROSEN actively participated, it was the first time that the company acted as Gold Sponsor. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/ROSEN-Mexico-at-the-Mexico-Oil-and-Gas-Summit-2017.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/Industry-Unique-Combination-of-Competencies.html The installation and operation of assets in any environment carries uncertainty. As engineers we want to assess and allow for that and as far as we can to quantify it. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/Industry-Unique-Combination-of-Competencies.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/New-ROSEN-Group-Office-in-Kuala-Lumpur.html On Thursday 20 July, 2017, the ROSEN Group celebrated the Grand Opening of its brand-new offices in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/New-ROSEN-Group-Office-in-Kuala-Lumpur.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/Finding-the-Cracks-that-Matter.html Any kind of liquids or gas pipeline is exposed to a wide range of potential damage mechanisms, any of which may eventually result in leakage or worse if not identified and mitigated at the right time. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/Finding-the-Cracks-that-Matter.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/Competence-meets-Efficiency.html Oftentimes, logistics play a crucial role in the successful completion of an inspection and/or cleaning project. This was also true in the case of the Maghreb-Europe Gas Pipeline (MEG). http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/Competence-meets-Efficiency.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/Houston-Office-Back-in-full-Operation-soon.html As many are aware, the heavy rains and flooding from Hurricane Harvey have disrupted the ROSEN offices in Houston and a number of our employees. Our offices have suffered minor damage and we are currently working to restore and manage the situation in order that your needs are being met. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/Houston-Office-Back-in-full-Operation-soon.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/The-Five-Biggest-Trends-in-the-Offshore-Oil-and-Gas-Sector.html One industry sector that was affected heavily by the recent oil crisis is the offshore oil and gas sector. However, after several years of high volatility, oil prices now seem to remain stable. We have asked one of our offshore experts, Thomas Jung (Key Account Manager ROSEN Group), what he considers to be the biggest trends in the offshore sector. Thomas has been working in the oil and gas industry for nearly three decades, and has been involved in offshore projects for many years. Here is what he told us: http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/The-Five-Biggest-Trends-in-the-Offshore-Oil-and-Gas-Sector.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/An-Evening-of-Acknowledgement-and-Artistry.html On September 1st, 2017, the ROSEN Group celebrated the 20th anniversary of ROSEN Argentina, one of three ROSEN locations in South America. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/An-Evening-of-Acknowledgement-and-Artistry.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/ROSEN-presented-with-CEPA-Award-for-Innovation.html On Tuesday, September 19th, ROSEN was presented with the CEPA Foundation award for Innovation at the CEPA Foundation Fall Meeting in Whistler, BC. The award was assessed based on criteria of Originality and Boldness, Impact and Meaningfulness, and Sustainability. ROSEN won the award for the Development of the EMAT Pipeline Inspections Services – Novelty to Essential Tool. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/ROSEN-presented-with-CEPA-Award-for-Innovation.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/The-Framework-you-can-trust.html In 2016, Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) was identified as a threat to the integrity of a 1980s gas transmission pipeline with a factory-applied asphalt enamel coating. Environmental cracking processes are complex, not always well understood, and often difficult to predict. Additionally, the morphology of environmental cracking is highly variable, and there may be many other features present in the pipe body and seam weld which are not a result of environmental cracking but create similar signals in inspection data. These challenges make it difficult to reliably identify the different feature types based on a single source of inspection data. This in turn creates significant uncertainties as to how to best manage the future integrity of a pipeline subject to environmental cracking. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/The-Framework-you-can-trust.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/RoCorr-IEC-service-for-the-inspection-of-heavy-walled-gas-pipelines-.html Offshore gas pipeline operators are presented with many obstacles when developing or maintaining an integrity management program, especially when it comes to inline inspection (ILI). Challenges including multi-diameter pipeline setup, extreme wall thickness, ID restrictions, no liquid medium, etc., can prevent standard stand-alone technologies, such as MFL and UT, from fulfilling all inspection requirements. As a primary threat to these pipelines is internal corrosion, and because the dimensions of the corrosion anomalies play a distinct role for the depth sizing, a reliable and accurate monitoring solution is necessary. Therefore, ROSEN has developed the RoCorr IEC Service. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/RoCorr-IEC-service-for-the-inspection-of-heavy-walled-gas-pipelines-.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/Challenging-Pipeline-Diagnostics-Unveils-Animation-of-Robotic-Propulsion-Unit.html The Challenging Pipeline Diagnostics Division is proud to present the video animation of a self-propelled robotic unit in action. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/Challenging-Pipeline-Diagnostics-Unveils-Animation-of-Robotic-Propulsion-Unit.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/Strengthening-the-Bonds-with-the-South-American-Pipeline-Community.html Always aiming to engage closely with the local communities within our industry, the ROSEN Group will once again seize the opportunity and participate as the Platinum Sponsor in the Rio Pipeline Conference & Exhibition from 24 to 26 October 2017. We are looking forward to exchanging information with our customers and business partners on latest technologies and new developments supporting energy strategies locally and worldwide. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/Strengthening-the-Bonds-with-the-South-American-Pipeline-Community.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/Performance-to-the-Extreme.html Deep water, harsh environments, long distances, extreme temperatures – these are a few of our favorite things. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/Performance-to-the-Extreme.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/World-Renowned-Experts-Talk-about-SCC.html On Monday, 23 October, the much anticipated Rio Pipeline Conference week kicked off with a well-attended informative workshop on Stress Corrosion Cracking hosted by the Brazilian Petroleum, Gas and Biofuels Institute (IBP) at their offices in central Rio de Janeiro. The ROSEN Group is a key member of the pipeline industry in Brazil and were therefore very happy to support the workshops both with sponsorship and active participation. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/World-Renowned-Experts-Talk-about-SCC.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/Sharing-Knowledge-is-Gaining-Knowledge.html As key members of the pipeline community in South America, ROSEN is wholeheartedly supporting the upcoming NACE PIMS conference, which will take place in Lima from 15 to 17 November. Come and join us at booth #112, where we will be sharing our extensive knowledge of pipeline integrity management built up by working with hundreds of pipeline operators worldwide. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/Sharing-Knowledge-is-Gaining-Knowledge.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/Facing-the-Challenges-of-Corrosion-Control-and-Management.html We always strive to develop solutions that answer directly to our customers’ needs. Therefore, we make a point of engaging closely with operators as well as regulators. Regular in-house events such as our ROSEN seminars are only one way to stay close to our industry. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/Facing-the-Challenges-of-Corrosion-Control-and-Management.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/cooperation-between-rosens-industrial-diagnostics-and-izfp.html ROSEN is constantly striving to strengthen its position as an inspection company, which includes broadening its business to become as versatile as possible. With more than 35 years of experience in the field of industrial testing methods, ROSEN has for several years been offering extensive competence to the steel industry by providing testing solutions for the production lines of semi-finished products. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/cooperation-between-rosens-industrial-diagnostics-and-izfp.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/ROSEN-hosted-the-First-LEGO-League.html Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. – Benjamin Franklin It was all hands on deck this weekend at the ROSEN Group’s Innovation Center in Lingen, Germany. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/ROSEN-hosted-the-First-LEGO-League.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/shutout-threats-ppim-2018.html We are pleased to announce that the ROSEN Group is once again a platinum elite sponsor at the Pipeline Pigging Integrity Management Conference (PPIM). The event will take place at the George R. Brown Convention Center and the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Houston, Texas, from January 29 to February 1, 2018. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2017/shutout-threats-ppim-2018.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2016/Challenging-Pipeline-Diagnostics-Technical-Workshop.html Challenging Pipeline Diagnostics Technical Workshop Series held across the Asia Pacific region http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2016/Challenging-Pipeline-Diagnostics-Technical-Workshop.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2016/The-ROSEN-Group-at-Tube-2016.html The ROSEN Group will participate at Tube 2016 from April 4-8 in Düsseldorf, Germany, where it will present selected solutions to challenges in various industries such as pipe manufacturing, oil and gas, or mining. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2016/The-ROSEN-Group-at-Tube-2016.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2016/The-ROSEN-Group-at-PPIM-2016.html We are pleased to announce that the ROSEN Group will once again play an active role as platinum elite sponsor at Pipeline Pigging Integrity Management Conference (PPIM) 2016 from February 8th to 11th at the Marriott Westchase Hotel in Houston, Texas. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2016/The-ROSEN-Group-at-PPIM-2016.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2016/New-Brochure-for-Integrity-Solutions.html The ROSEN Group is proud to release the new ROSEN Integrity Solutions brochure: Trusted Expertise. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2016/New-Brochure-for-Integrity-Solutions.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2016/New-Video-and-Brochure-for-Pipeline-Cleaning-Solutions-released.html The ROSEN Group is proud to release the new ROSEN Pipeline Cleaning Solutions video and brochure: The smart way to efficiency http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2016/New-Video-and-Brochure-for-Pipeline-Cleaning-Solutions-released.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2016/Advanced-Diagnostics-introduces-RoCD-Process.html The ROSEN Group is offering innovative service solutions to meet our customer’s needs. The RoCD process for crack management allows operators to identify cracks at an early stage. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2016/Advanced-Diagnostics-introduces-RoCD-Process.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2016/ROSEN-Group-at-PPIM-2016-Video.html The ROSEN Group once again played an active role as premium elite sponsor at the sold-out PPIM 2016. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2016/ROSEN-Group-at-PPIM-2016-Video.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2016/REIF_2016_Pipeline_Integrity_2030.html May 10th-12th 2016 at the 3rd ROSEN Energy and Innovation Forum (REIF) 2016, in Lingen Germany. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2016/REIF_2016_Pipeline_Integrity_2030.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2016/SGA-Advanced-In-Line-Inspection-Workshop.html The ROSEN Group proudly hosted one day of the Southern Gas Association’s (SGA) Advanced In-Line Inspection Workshop in Gahanna, Ohio. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2016/SGA-Advanced-In-Line-Inspection-Workshop.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2016/PRCI-Members-Visit-ROSEN-In-Lingen.html PRCI Members visit ROSEN Technology & Research Center, Lingen, Germany. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2016/PRCI-Members-Visit-ROSEN-In-Lingen.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2016/ROSEN-and-PETRONAS-Carigali_Collaborate-for-Integrity.html PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd (PCSB), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, has awarded ROSEN Group a three year contract for Sarawak and Sabah Operations. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2016/ROSEN-and-PETRONAS-Carigali_Collaborate-for-Integrity.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2016/Jan_Hayes-New_Means_of_Disaster_Prevention.html What will cause the next “nightmare” failure? How can operators prevent these rare events? And, most importantly, how can ROSEN assist them with doing so? These are the questions that were discussed during the workshop “Management of Rare Events—How Can We Contribute?”, which took place at the RTRC in Lingen on 12 July 2016, and was presented and monitored by Professor Jan Hayes. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2016/Jan_Hayes-New_Means_of_Disaster_Prevention.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2016/The-ROSEN-Group_Pre-Commissioning-To-SPIECAPAG-For-TAP.html ROSEN’s business line Field Products and Services will provide effective equipment for pre-commissioning activities to SPIECAPAG (France) by suppling 48’’ pre-commissioning tools, tracking equipment, as well as accessories to be used for the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP). http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2016/The-ROSEN-Group_Pre-Commissioning-To-SPIECAPAG-For-TAP.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2016/The-ROSEN-Group-at-Pipeline-Week.html The ROSEN Group will again be participating in the Annual Pipeline Week. The conference and exhibition will take place for the third time, and will be hosted at The Woodlands Waterway Hotel and Convention Center in The Woodlands, Texas from 20 to 22 September, 2016. Pipeline Week is a compilation of both the annual Geospatial Information & Technology Association (GITA) Oil & Gas Pipeline Conference and the Pipeline Open Data Standard (PODS) User Conference. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2016/The-ROSEN-Group-at-Pipeline-Week.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2016/ROSEN-Group-to-launch-new-ultra-high-resolution-MFL-service.html At this year’s International Pipeline Conference and Exhibition (IPC/IPE), the ROSEN Group will introduce its new premium in-line corrosion detection service RoCorr MFL-A Ultra. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2016/ROSEN-Group-to-launch-new-ultra-high-resolution-MFL-service.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2016/ROSEN-and-Fraunhofer-IZFP-develop-a-new-railway-wheel-inspection-system.html At ROSEN, we are dedicated to putting as much know-how and expertise into our products and services as possible. Therefore, we make a point of collaborating with reputable research institutes. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2016/ROSEN-and-Fraunhofer-IZFP-develop-a-new-railway-wheel-inspection-system.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2016/The-ROSEN-Group-at-IPC-IPE-2016.html The ROSEN Group will once again play an active role at the Pipeline Conference and Exhibition (IPC/IPE) in Calgary, Alberta, Canada http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2016/The-ROSEN-Group-at-IPC-IPE-2016.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2016/Successful-Participation-at-IPC-IPE-2016-ROSEN-unveils-two-new-services.html The 11th International Pipeline Conference and Exhibition in Calgary, AB, Canada, was once again a major success, with over 1,400 delegates from companies from all over the world actively taking part in the event. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2016/Successful-Participation-at-IPC-IPE-2016-ROSEN-unveils-two-new-services.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2016/ROSEN-Group-unveils-Education-Systems-and-Services.html Calgary, AB, Canada, September, 2016 - Yet another highlight was introduced by ROSEN at this year’s IPC/IPE: ROSEN Education Systems and Services. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2016/ROSEN-Group-unveils-Education-Systems-and-Services.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2016/ROSEN-Education-Systems-and-Services.html In cooperation with ROSEN Education Systems and Services, Clarion Technical Conferences and Tiratsoo Technical offer three training courses and one workshop in Bogota, Colombia, on 15 to 18 November, 2016. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2016/ROSEN-Education-Systems-and-Services.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2016/The-ROSEN-Group_at_IPC_IPE_2016-Video-recap-of-a-rewarding-event.html The 11th International Pipeline Conference and Exhibition in Calgary, AB, Canada - Video recap. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2016/The-ROSEN-Group_at_IPC_IPE_2016-Video-recap-of-a-rewarding-event.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2016/The-ROSEN-Group-at-APGA-2016_Supporting-the-Australian-Pipeline-and-Gas-Industry.html The ROSEN Group recently attended the forty-eighth Annual Convention and Exhibition of the Australian Pipelines and Gas Association (APGA), held at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre from 8 to 11 October 2016. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2016/The-ROSEN-Group-at-APGA-2016_Supporting-the-Australian-Pipeline-and-Gas-Industry.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2016/ROSEN-SEMINAR_Integrity-Partners-in-Mexico.html On 24 October, 2016, the ROSEN Group in Mexico organized a seminar with a focus on “Pipeline Integrity Management: a holistic view of testing and inspecting new and aging natural gas pipeline systems”. The event was held at the World Trade Center of Mexico City. It was organized in collaboration with MACAW Engineering, Dr. Phil Hopkins (PHL), and Mexico Business Publishing, and made possible with the support of various industry partners, including TransCanada, ENGIE, CENAGAS, DNV.GL, Arendal, and others. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2016/ROSEN-SEMINAR_Integrity-Partners-in-Mexico.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2015/ROSEN-Group-at-27th-Pipeline-Pigging-Integrity-Management-Conference.html ROSEN Group is proud to again be a major partner of the 2015 Pipeline Pigging Integrity Management Conference (PPIM) as the main Elite Platinum Sponsor. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2015/ROSEN-Group-at-27th-Pipeline-Pigging-Integrity-Management-Conference.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2015/ROSEN-Group-at-the-PPIM-2015-Showing-Commitment-to-the-Industry.html As a world leader of asset integrity management, the ROSEN Group was the main sponsor for the PPIM 2015. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2015/ROSEN-Group-at-the-PPIM-2015-Showing-Commitment-to-the-Industry.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2015/relaunch-of-MACAW’s-website.html The leading engineering consultancy MACAW has completed the re-launch of its web appearance. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2015/relaunch-of-MACAW’s-website.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2015/aga-2015.html ROSEN is proud to be an exhibitor at the American Gas Association (AGA) Operations Conference & Biennial Exhibition in Grapevine, Texas. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2015/aga-2015.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2015/ROSEN-Group-Cleaning-Expertise-in-Challenging.html In a joint venture with PBJV Group and Petronas, the ROSEN Cleaning Support Team and Kuala Lumpur operating unit was able to provide a customized cleaning solution for the pre-commissioning of 354 Kilometers of 24” and 28” multiphase gas pipelines. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2015/ROSEN-Group-Cleaning-Expertise-in-Challenging.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2015/ROSEN-at-the-unpiggable-pipeline-solutions-forum-2015.html The ROSEN Group was once again represented at a pipeline forum at the Marriott Westchase in Houston, Texas. This specific event focused on the challenge of inspecting unpiggable pipelines. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2015/ROSEN-at-the-unpiggable-pipeline-solutions-forum-2015.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2015/aga-2015-New-RoMat-PGS-ILI-service.html ROSEN recently attended the American Gas Association (AGA) Operations Conference and Biennial Exhibition in Grapevine, Texas. The event took place in the Gaylord Grapevine Hotel on May 18th – 21st, 2015. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2015/aga-2015-New-RoMat-PGS-ILI-service.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2015/ROSEN-Group-exhibiting-at-EUROMINING-in-Tampere---Finnland.html The biennial Euromining 2015 in Tampere, Finland on 20th/21st of May 2015, attracted mining experts from all over Europe. The show was attended by over 1500 visitors from the industry who took the opportunity to network and check out the latest technological developments. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2015/ROSEN-Group-exhibiting-at-EUROMINING-in-Tampere---Finnland.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2015/ROSEN-Group-exhibits-joint-model.html ROSEN Group exhibits a joint model developed together with the companies Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co KG and KROHNE Messtechnik GmbH at the Pipeline Technology Conference (PTC) in Berlin. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2015/ROSEN-Group-exhibits-joint-model.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2015/The-Collaboration-begins-on-the-Management-of-Linear-Threats-in-Pipelines-.html On the 28th of May 2015, The ROSEN Group took initiative and brought key industry stakeholders together for a roundtable event on the topic of “linear threats in pipelines”. This event was hosted at the ROSEN facility based in Gahanna, Ohio, which is established to cater to state of the art advanced services. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2015/The-Collaboration-begins-on-the-Management-of-Linear-Threats-in-Pipelines-.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2015/Ultra-Low-Flow-Inspection.html In close cooperation with SNAM, the ROSEN Challenging Pipeline Diagnostics Division was able to provide a tailored inspection solution for an Ultra-Low Flow pipeline. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2015/Ultra-Low-Flow-Inspection.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2015/ROSEN-Group-at-NACE-PIMS-Latin-America-Pipeline-Integrity-Management-Seminar-in-Quito-Ecuador.html The ROSEN Group exhibited end of July at the NACE PIMS Seminar in Quito, Ecuador. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2015/ROSEN-Group-at-NACE-PIMS-Latin-America-Pipeline-Integrity-Management-Seminar-in-Quito-Ecuador.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2015/ROSEN-Group-new-service-R3.html Thank you for being part of the unveiling. The ROSEN R³ service is now Responsive, Rapid, and Reliable. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2015/ROSEN-Group-new-service-R3.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2015/ROSEN-Group-releases-Tank-Bottom-Inspection-Video.html The ROSEN Group created a video highlighting the new developments in inspection services and their advantages. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2015/ROSEN-Group-releases-Tank-Bottom-Inspection-Video.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2015/ROSEN-Group-Inventive-solution-for-a-crucial-asset.html Early 2015 Saraco S.A. approached the ROSEN Challenging Pipeline Diagnostics Division with a unique inspection need. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2015/ROSEN-Group-Inventive-solution-for-a-crucial-asset.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2015/Challenging-Pipeline-Diagnostics-publishes-new-Brochure.html The new brochure provides insights on challenges, solutions and benefits that the ROSEN Group can offer. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2015/Challenging-Pipeline-Diagnostics-publishes-new-Brochure.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2015/ROSEN-Group-Wins-ASME-Global-Pipeline-Award-2015.html ROSEN Group has won this year’s prestigious ASME Global Pipeline Award (GPA). http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2015/ROSEN-Group-Wins-ASME-Global-Pipeline-Award-2015.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2015/ROSEN-showcasing-12”-EMAT-Crack-Detection-capabilities-.html ROSEN is pleased to announce that it will once again be exhibiting at the Australian Pipelines & Gas Association Annual Convention & Exhibition. This year’s convention will be held on the Gold Coast in Queensland and runs from the 17th – 20th October. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2015/ROSEN-showcasing-12”-EMAT-Crack-Detection-capabilities-.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2014/ROSEN-at-nace-in-edmonton,-canada.html The ROSEN Group is attending the 2014 Northern Area Western Conference (NAWC) in Edmonton, Canada from January 27-30. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2014/ROSEN-at-nace-in-edmonton,-canada.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2014/ROSEN-holds-integrity-management-workshop-at-2014-pipe-tech-americas-summit.html In January, ROSEN served as sponsor of the 2014 Pipe Tech Americas Summit held in the Woodland's Texas. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2014/ROSEN-holds-integrity-management-workshop-at-2014-pipe-tech-americas-summit.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2014/ROSEN-to-serve-as-platinum-sponsor-at-the-2014-ppim-conference.html ROSEN attends the 2014 Pipeline Pigging and Integrity Management Conference (PPIM) as platinum sponsor with several contributions of our international experts. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2014/ROSEN-to-serve-as-platinum-sponsor-at-the-2014-ppim-conference.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2014/ROSEN-at-7th-annual-pipeline-integrity-management-forum.html ROSEN served as sponsor for the 7th Annual Pipeline Integrity Management Forum that took place from February 5th – to 7th and also attended as a keynote speaker at the forum in Berlin, Germany. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2014/ROSEN-at-7th-annual-pipeline-integrity-management-forum.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2014/ROSEN-proud-to-be-Platinum-Sponsor-of-the-PPIM.html As a leading provider of integrity related products and services, as well as a strong supporter of all technologically driven industry events, ROSEN is proud to again be a major partner of the 2014 Pipeline Pigging Integrity Management Conference (PPIM) as the main Platinum Sponsor. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2014/ROSEN-proud-to-be-Platinum-Sponsor-of-the-PPIM.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2014/ROSENs-new-industry-case-study-on-challenging-pipelines.html The ROSEN Group is proud to publish a new industry case study about a challenging pipeline inspection project with low flow and low pressure (LFLP). http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2014/ROSENs-new-industry-case-study-on-challenging-pipelines.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2014/ROSEN-Group-at-nace-corrosion-2014.html The world´s largest corrosion conference with over 6000 attendees from 70 countries took place in March in San Antonio, Texas. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2014/ROSEN-Group-at-nace-corrosion-2014.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2014/ROSEN-at-the-tube-2014.html The ROSEN Group was presenting intelligent plastic solutions at the TUBE 2014 in Dusseldorf and received a great feedback from the industry. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2014/ROSEN-at-the-tube-2014.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2014/ROSENs-new-industry-case-study-on-challenging-pipelines-multi-diameter.html The ROSEN Group is proud to publish today a new industry case study about a challenging pipeline inspection project (multi-diameter). http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2014/ROSENs-new-industry-case-study-on-challenging-pipelines-multi-diameter.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2014/ROSEN-an-the-9th-pipeline-technology-conference-in-berlin.html Also this year the ROSEN Group was the Platinum Sponsor of the 9th Pipeline & Technology Conference which, for the first time, took place in Berlin from May 12 – 14th. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2014/ROSEN-an-the-9th-pipeline-technology-conference-in-berlin.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2014/ROSEN-Group-introduces-new-atex-certified-epd-device.html The ROSEN Group has developed a new generation of ATEX certified instruments for tool localization in the ROSEN Technology & Research Center in Lingen, Germany. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2014/ROSEN-Group-introduces-new-atex-certified-epd-device.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2014/a-huge-success-the-ROSEN-energy-and-innovation-forum-2014.html The ROSEN Energy & Innovation Forum 2014 held in June in Lingen at the ROSEN Technology & Research Center in Germany. Picture showing the Panel discussion in ROSENs new Innovation Center. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2014/a-huge-success-the-ROSEN-energy-and-innovation-forum-2014.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2014/how-large-industry-associations-shape-our-business.html Ray Lewis, Director of Business Development for ROSEN USA and a ROSEN veteran – has been interviewed at the SGA Management Conference 2014. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2014/how-large-industry-associations-shape-our-business.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2014/ROSEN-Group-attended-lga-and-sga-conferences.html The ROSEN Group presented their Asset Integrity Management Approach at two of the cornerstones of the natural gas industry. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2014/ROSEN-Group-attended-lga-and-sga-conferences.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2014/ROSEN-launches-worlds-first-combined-4-inch-ut-tool.html The ROSEN Group has introduced the globally first 4” in-line inspection tool utilizing combined high resolution ultrasound technology for wall thickness measurement and crack inspection services. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2014/ROSEN-launches-worlds-first-combined-4-inch-ut-tool.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2014/ROSENs-new-intelligent-plastics-solutions-facility-in-canada.html Beginning September 8th, the ROSEN Group is starting the first Alberta Bound Roadshow to promote its Intelligent Plastic Solutions activities in Canada. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2014/ROSENs-new-intelligent-plastics-solutions-facility-in-canada.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2014/visit-ROSEN-at-the-ipc-2014.html The IPC will be running in Calgary September 29th to October 3rd. Please come and visit us at our booth #512. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2014/visit-ROSEN-at-the-ipc-2014.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2014/Bureau-Veritas-Confirms-Compliance-of-ROAIMS-to-International-Codes.html ROSEN is proud to announce that BUREAU VERITAS has issued a Conformity Statement. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2014/Bureau-Veritas-Confirms-Compliance-of-ROAIMS-to-International-Codes.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2014/ROSEN-energy-and-innovation-forum-2014-a-brief-look-back.html The ROSEN Energy & Innovation Forum 2014 was universally hailed as a huge success. Have "a brief look back" of the event that pipeline integrity management specialist ROSEN Group developed for the oil & gas industry. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2014/ROSEN-energy-and-innovation-forum-2014-a-brief-look-back.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2014/ROSEN-expands-with-new-crack-inline-inspection-facility-in-colombus-ohio0.html The ROSEN Group is strengthening its presence in North America by opening a new office based in Columbus, Ohio. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2014/ROSEN-expands-with-new-crack-inline-inspection-facility-in-colombus-ohio0.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2014/IPC-2014-has-been-a-tremendous-success.html This year’s International Pipeline Conference and Exposition (IPC) has been a tremendous success, both for the organizers and for ROSEN. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2014/IPC-2014-has-been-a-tremendous-success.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2014/ROSEN-as-gold-sponsor-at-the-6th-international-forum-on-FIXING-PIPELINES-PROBLEMS-.html ROSEN was the gold sponsor and participated actively in the recent international Fixing Pipeline Problems Conference and Exhibition held in Berlin end of October 2014. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2014/ROSEN-as-gold-sponsor-at-the-6th-international-forum-on-FIXING-PIPELINES-PROBLEMS-.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2013/ROSEN-Group-launches-new-corporate-website.html The ROSEN Group is proud to announce the launch of the new corporate website under a new address: www.lzhongwen.cn http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2013/ROSEN-Group-launches-new-corporate-website.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2013/Fourth-SGA-Workshop-Hosted-by-ROSEN-USA.html ROSEN USA recently hosted the Southern Gas Association (SGA) workshop for the fourth time. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2013/Fourth-SGA-Workshop-Hosted-by-ROSEN-USA.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2013/ROSEN-Lingen-invests-in-the-future.html ROSEN Lingen keeps investing in its site. For the last couple of years ROSEN Lingen has continuously been expanding in order to cope with the growth of the ROSEN Group. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2013/ROSEN-Lingen-invests-in-the-future.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2013/ROSEN-Provides-Industry-Training.html On June 3rd & 4th, ROSEN USA Vice President Chris Yoxall delivered part of a two-day training course on Pipeline Pigging. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2013/ROSEN-Provides-Industry-Training.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2013/friedrich-hecker-new-ceo.html The ROSEN Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Friedrich Hecker as Chief Executive Officer, effective January 2013. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2013/friedrich-hecker-new-ceo.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2013/ROSEN-rebranding-announced-at-rio-pipeline-conference.html ROSEN Group Vice President Erik Cornelissen (right side) together with Marketing Managers Thomas Beuker and Marion Huisman at the rebranded ROSEN booth in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2013/ROSEN-rebranding-announced-at-rio-pipeline-conference.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2013/ROSEN-successfully-completes-nord-stream-pipeline-inspection.html The arrival of ROSENs intelligent inspection tool. It has completed the 1224 km of the inspection run from Vyborg, Russia to Lubmin, Germany within only 10 days. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2013/ROSEN-successfully-completes-nord-stream-pipeline-inspection.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2013/finding-the-right-solution-a-new-brand-strategy-for-rosen.html A new brand for a new era - the ROSEN Group continues to be empowered by technology. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2013/finding-the-right-solution-a-new-brand-strategy-for-rosen.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2013/ROSEN-Group-s-crm-among-top-ranking-european-companies.html The award ceremony took place during the CRM EXPO in Stuttgart, Germany in September. Daniela Schomaker, Corporate IT Product Coordinator (on the right side), receives the Award for ROSEN. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2013/ROSEN-Group-s-crm-among-top-ranking-european-companies.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2013/ROSEN-Group-officially-launches-new-integrity-brochure.html The ROSEN Group is proud to launch the new completely redesigned ROSEN Integrity Solutions Brochure. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2013/ROSEN-Group-officially-launches-new-integrity-brochure.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2013/ROSEN-innovation-summit-offers-in-depth-looks-on-technology-and-brand.html Brenda Kenny, President of the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA) outlining the present and future industry perspectives at the ROSEN Innovation Summit in Calgary, Canada. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2013/ROSEN-innovation-summit-offers-in-depth-looks-on-technology-and-brand.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2013/ROSEN-Group-at-the-international-conference-in-bahrain.html Mohammed Jaarah, GVP ROSEN Middle East, introducing the company's latest technologies and solutions to his Excellency Shaikh Ahmed Bin Mohamed Al Khalifa, and to Mr. Mohammed Al-Omair, VP Saudi Aramco, Mr. Abdulrahman F. Al-Wuhaib, S.VP Saudi Aramco, and Mr. Abdulhakim Al-Gouhi, G.M Pipeline Saudi Aramco. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2013/ROSEN-Group-at-the-international-conference-in-bahrain.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2013/ROSEN-Europe-wins-european-nrg-battle-2013.html Winner of the NRG Battle 2013! The students of ROSEN Europe-Team 1: Bedashrita Chattoraj, Davide Garufi, Gautham Ram, Koen Hermans and Ankit Agarwal (not on picture). http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2013/ROSEN-Europe-wins-european-nrg-battle-2013.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2013/ROSEN-and-gazprom-transgaz-stavropol-getting-ready-for-the-winter.html The ROSEN in-line inspection tool at a loader section of the Izobilnoye – Nevinnomyssk gas pipeline. (Photo: Gazprom Transgaz Stavropol) http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2013/ROSEN-and-gazprom-transgaz-stavropol-getting-ready-for-the-winter.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2012/ROSEN-USA-becomes-Certified-Integrity-Services-Provider-for-Shell.html ROSEN USA recently went through the extensive process of becoming a certified supplier of integrity services for Shell in the United States. http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2012/ROSEN-USA-becomes-Certified-Integrity-Services-Provider-for-Shell.html Home http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2012/ROSEN-Group-opens-Competence-Center-in-Karlsruhe,-Germany.html Due to the growing needs of new inspection applications and technologies, the ROSEN Group further enlarges its capacities on research and development. ROSEN founds a dependency within the technology park in Karlsruhe (Germany). http://www.lzhongwen.cn/global/company/insight/news/2012/ROSEN-Group-opens-Competence-Center-in-Karlsruhe,-Germany.html